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Why choose Stepsnow snowboard and what snowboard factory We can provide?
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Why choose us:

  1. Our products comply with the US CA Prop 65 standard.
  2. Testing issue: Flex/ Drop test of the carton
  3. Certificate: CE/REACH
  4. 3rd party factory audit: Accept with a three-party factory audit and QC inspection of goods
  5. 100% on-time delivery
  6. Treat each pair of boards seriously in production.
  7. 100% of our customers commented that our board is well made
  8. 99% of our customers comment that our boards are made of the best materials for the same price.

We can provide the following support:

  1. Designate someone to follow up on the project.
  2. Sign an exclusive agreement on the mold.
  3. Use a full inspection of the product.

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