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Henan Manlin Sports Product Co., Ltd. is a specialized skis sport product manufacturing factory in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. With 8,000 square meters of new modern standard factory, the company aims to produce the professional skis, snowboard, kite board, wake board and trampoline snowboard and skis. With the years of development, the company has always strive to make innovation and quality as the leading idea. We develop and innovate products actively, concern about product features, enhance the working art, strictly control the quality, insist on making high-quality products to provide customers with the best service.


Henan Manlin is located in the middle of transportation hub Zhengzhou and the ancient capital Luoyang, one of 100 top counties in the Midwest, China, the Central Plains city of Gongyi territory, south of Songshan mountain , north of the Yellow River, is the Tang Dynasty famous poet Du Fu's hometown. Lunghai Railway, 310 National Road, Lian-huo Expressway run across from the east to the west, makes the transportation and communications here very convenient.

Product Process

The ultimate pursuit of quality creates perfect experience. Details are hard to come by, setting a benchmark for quality. As a leading international brand contract manufacturer, Manlin Sports has always paid attention to the product characteristics, continuously improved its technology and strictly controlled the quality inspection. From carpentry carving to careful printing, from product fitting to final forming, Manlin pursues excellence in every production detail. The core products such as professional snowboard, skis and kite board produced by OEM have won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad with their first-class product quality.

After years of practice and innovation, Manlin has continuously improved the production process of products. The various types of men's and women's alpine skis and all-mountain skis produced are preferably made of advanced materials from Germany. The special splicing method of wood is adopted, and carbon fiber strips and Kevlar are placed inside the board to minimize the weight of the skis and improve the elasticity and flexibility of the skis. In the binding position of the ski, Manlin innovatively uses high-strength solidified glass fiber to further strengthen the strength and stability of the binding position, bringing every skier an extraordinary skiing experience.

An invisible force leads the transformation and upgrading of products.

A speed of innovation creates a miracle of brand rise.

Manlin explores the performance and experience of snowboards and skis in depth. With perfect neutral and symmetrical layout, she continuously improves the stability and flexibility of each snowboard. She can be widely used in snow piste, park, ground trick and other scenes under different conditions. She has first-class anti-shake and ultra-strong error correction performance, allowing speed and passion to accompany your every gallop.

Factory advantage

Sincerely along the way, Manlin has successfully built a team of technical guidance and view development engineers with more than ten years of experience by introducing industry-leading equipment from Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Austria and other industries. With its excellent innovative technology and industry accumulation, Manlin can carry out customized production of products according to customers' needs, fully meet OEM and ODM order requirements, and has won the recognition of customers at home and abroad.

Looking to the future

With the grand opening of the 2022 Winter Olympics, Manlin's products will surely shine brilliantly in the exciting world of ice and snow and create brilliant future.

Henan Manlin Sports Product Co., Ltd.

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