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One of the core parameters of snowboard side cut
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Side cut should be a more important parameter in snowboarding, but it is often also a snowboard technical parameter that is easier to overlook. To understand the side cuts well, you need some knowledge of mathematics and physics, but you don't have to worry about it.

The original intention of the side cut is to make better turns when skiing, which is very important for ski lovers. The side cut actually refers to the arc of the edge of the snowboard. If there is no arc, the snowboard becomes a rectangle, which is very unfavorable for turning while skiing. The size of the arc affects the turning radius of the snowboard. A larger arc corresponds to a larger sidecut radius and a smaller turn, while a smaller arc corresponds to a larger sidecut radius and a larger turn.

Although the shape and elasticity of the snowboard veneer will also affect the turning during skiing to a certain extent, the side cut is the key to everything. Understanding the side cut is helpful to our choice of skiing.

Skiing is not about doing in-depth physical research, so you don’t need to be too real, just a simple understanding of the side cut. Different ski manufacturers and different board types may have different values and algorithms for sidecutting. Therefore, you can consult the snowboard manufacturer to understand that it will help us choose the ski that suits us.

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