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Different functions of different versions of skis
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Skiing is becoming more and more popular in our country, and many ski enthusiasts have gradually entered the primary stage from rookie white. After entering the elementary stage, many ski enthusiasts are obsessed with skiing. In order to be able to quickly improve their skills, they will spend most of their time in the ski factory from morning to night, skating on the piste. At this time, the rental board of ski resorts can no longer satisfy them, and most of them will choose to buy a piece of their own skis to start their skiing career.

The choice of skis is not only as simple as singles and doubles, but also the basic properties of the skis, which are the shape of the skis. Common versions of skis include forward arch, flat arch, reverse arch and mixed arch. Let’s briefly analyze their different advantages and disadvantages.

1. The front arch, when laid flat, it looks like an arch bridge. This version is used more on veneer. This version of the snowboard has good stability, good carving ability and explosive power, and good energy storage. The disadvantage is that the fault tolerance is poor, because the snow catching ability is too strong compared to other versions, and it is easy to be carved into the snow.

2. The flat arch is a plate type between the front arch and the reverse arch. It combines some of the characteristics of the front arch and the reverse arch. It is a relatively common plate type and is often used on park slabs. It is versatile and performs well when stalking in the park. The disadvantage is that the performance is relatively mediocre and there is no obvious feature.

3. Reverse arch. It is called reverse arch because it is an arch bridge that is completely opposite to the front arch, like a banana. This type of board is very flexible and gives a skating feeling, so it is easy to do various fancy movements. And it is suitable for sliding on powder snow, easy to turn, easy to deform, and strong in fault tolerance. The disadvantages are poor stability, low explosive power, and poor snow cutting ability.

4. Mixed arches. There are many arching methods of mixed arches, combining the front arch and the reverse arch. It can combine some of the advantages of the front and back arches, but also has their shortcomings. They are not as strong as the characteristics of the front or back arches. They belong to a more general and moderate plate type.

Novices are generally more cautious and difficult to choose. You can choose skis according to your skiing level and characteristics and where you often ski. You can also ask ski instructors or some veteran skiers to choose skis.

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